Stephanie Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Susan Flannery
Current status Deceased
Duration 25
First appearance March 24, 1987
Last appearance November 26, 2012
Cause/reason Cancer
Created by William J. Bell
Age 75
Cause of death Cancer
Occupation Businesswoman
Residence Forrester Mansion, 369 Willow Hill Road
"I built this company. Eric and I built this company. And every item of clothing, every line that goes out of here has the Forrester label on it, not Logan."
—Stephanie to Brooke
Stephanie Forrester (née Douglas) was the matriach of the Forrester family. She was the wife of Eric Forrester and the mother of their five children, Ridge, Thorne, Angela, Kristen and Felicia Forrester.

Along with Eric, Stephanie built the family company Forrester Creations, which later became very popular. Many newer people joined the company, such as Stephanie's grandchildren Steffy and Thomas Forrester. For more than two decades, Stephanie had a fierce rivalry with Brooke Logan, her son Ridge's on-and-off wife.

Stephanie was close with Taylor Hayes, whom she much preferred to be her daughter-in-law. She introduced Dayzee Leigh to the Forrester world, later leading to Dayzee marrying Marcus Forrester.

On March 24, 1987, Stephanie made her first appearance on the series. Her marriage to Eric appeared to be struggling, although until they remained married until 1990. They divorced, remarrying in 1995. Once more, their marriage ended in 2005. They divorced, marrying in 2006 until 2008. Their final marriage would be their lasting one. Stephanie was the sister of Pamela Douglas.