Rick Forrester
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Jacob Young
Current status Alive
First appearance November 7, 1990
Last appearance Still on the show
Created by William J. Bell
Family Brooke Logan (mother)
Nickname(s) Ricky boy (Steffy Forrester)


Namesake(s) Eric Forrester
Gender Male
Born November 7, 1980
Age 35
Occupation Head of Forrester International

Eric "Rick" Forrester is the Head of Forrester Internationals. He is the son of Brooke Logan and Eric Forrester. Rick is the oldest of Brooke's children. Rick married the manipulative Amber Moore in 1999 after shooting his mother's soon-to-be-husband, Grant Chambers. Amber and Rick had a stillborn child together, which was also the cause of their marriage. After Amber, Rick dated Caitlin Ramirez.

His relationship with Caitlin failed, leading to Rick falling in love with Phoebe Forrester. After Phoebe's death in 2008, Rick ventured into a romance with her sister Steffy, causing outrage. Steffy and Rick broke up, and Rick romanced Jackie Marone, who was married to Owen.

Rick spent extensive time in Paris, moving back to L.A. in the fall of 2011. He disliked his sister's fiancé, Liam Spencer, and then found himself the object of Amber's affections once more. The two resumed their relationship after Amber gave him designs to label as his own for a Forrester line. After Rick and Caroline Spencer began working together, Amber schemed to keep them apart by convincing Caroline that Rick was a crossdresser. Rick broke it off.

After that, Rick began dating Caroline and became Vice President of the company. As a result, the company has suffered from Rick's ideas.


Early Life

"Yes, it is. Ever since I was a child, you've been consumed with that man. Well, I need you now. More than ever. I need you to put me first. Is that too much to ask? I need you to let him go, Mom. Let Taylor have him. They deserve each other. Listen to me. I love you. You have to do this for me. Please, this one request. Get Ridge out of our lives once and for all."
—Rick to Brooke
Rick was born on November 7, 1981 to Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan. He had a younger sister, Bridget, and he would run away from home on occasion. Rick's childhood was rather troubled—he was bullied in school and he grew up resenting Ridge. Rick had an affair with his babysitter, Amber Moore, later resulting in a stillborn child. When Rick was in his late teens, he shot his mother's fiancé Grant Chambers. He psychologically blocked out the event.