• This is a guide to the rules of The Bold and the Beautiful Wiki. Please respect this policy and obey it at all times, and be a responsible community member. Please read this before joining the wiki, and making any edits.

Basic Rules

  • Please be civil to all wikia members at all times. We will not tolerate abuse, bad language or offensive comments.
  • Do not attempt to edit a page unless you are logged in. All pages are locked to prevent editing from unregistered users.
  • The most basic rule of all is to OBEY all Wiki rules.

Editing Rules

  • Please view source mode before editing to make sure the page you are editing is not under construction. If a page is not under construction, minor edits can be made, such as fixing grammatical errors and punctuation. If a page is under construction, there will be a comment in source mode stating so as the character's newest storylines are added and detailed.
  • Do NOT change images on character's pages without asking the consent of other wiki members. Again, view source mode to find out whether that character's image is permitted to be edited or not.
  • Use correct spelling and punctuation when editing. Do not edit unneccessarily. If there is a grammatical error, feel free to correct it but make sure you do not mess it up. We want all of the pages to look properly edited.
  • Absolutely do NOT delete anyone's work (e.g. text or pictures) unless you have a very valid reason. Please scroll below to read what might constitute a valid reason for deleting another's work.
  • Do not be biased when editing a character's page. It must be written from a neutral point of view. The only time a character's negative traits might be pointed out is on the "Personality" section of their page. Please contact the person if you disagree with their description of a character's traits.

Commenting Rules

  • The only rule with commenting is that you must remain respectful. If you disagree with someone, disagree with them politely and don't have disputes. This rule is to ensure the wiki remains a civil community.