Pamela Douglas
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Alley Mills
Current status Alive
First appearance December 1, 2006
Last appearance Still on the show
Created by Bradley Bell
Nickname(s) Pam

Pammy (Donna Logan)

Gender Female
Occupation Co-receptionist at FC (with Donna)
Residence The Forrester Guest House, 369 Willow Hill Road
Donna: "Listen, Pammy, you can take your little lemon bars and your Prozac-pumped smile and the whole Suzy Homemaker freak show and get the hell out of Dodge, because if you don't, a house might just fall on the wicked witch of the Midwest."
Pam: "No, Donna, you're the one who's gonna be leaving town with her little tail between her legs, not me, out of Stephanie and Eric's life forever. If not, I will get you, my pretty, me and my little dog, too."
— Donna and Pam
Pamela "Pam" Douglas is a co-receptionist at Forrester Creations. She is the sister of Stephanie Forrester and has a rivalry with Donna Logan.