Katie Spencer
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Nancy Sloan (1987–2004)

Heather Tom (2007–present)

Current status Alive
First appearance March 23, 1987
Last appearance Still on the show
Nickname(s) Katie
Gender Female
Occupation Businesswoman




Residence Los Angeles, California
Nick: "How do you like it? Cream? Sugar?"
Katie: "Uh, no, I like it unadorned."
Nick: "Why am I not surprised? You seem like a lady who likes her coffee black. The stronger, the better."
Nick and Katie
Katherine Elizabeth "Katie" Logan Spencer is the wife of Bill Spencer. The mother of their son Will, she is the youngest of the Logans, the younger sister of Storm, Brooke and Donna. Katie is humble and comes from a working class background. As a result of her family's success at Forrester Creations and her marriage to Bill, Katie has now come across immense financial fortune.

Growing up, Katie was practically raised by Brooke, as their father had walked out on the family and their mother Beth struggled. Due to this, Katie and Brooke had a very close relationship for many years, which was later destroyed by Brooke's affair with Katie's husband Bill. Katie suffered from postpartum depression and stress as a result of motherhood and the worry brought on by her own husband.

Since her depression, Katie has taken Taylor Hayes on as her doctor, and remained on medication to avoid the depression coming back. Her marriage to Bill suffered when he had an affair with her sister Brooke. Katie caught the pair in many compromising positions, eventually leading to them having sex. This led to Katie giving Bill her rings and asking for a divorce.


Early Life

"What happened, Brooke?"
—Katie asking her sister
Katie was born on May 29. She was from a working class family, and was the youngest of the four Logan children. She suffered from acne, degrading her self-esteem and causing her to become jealous of Brooke and Donna.

Despite her jealousy and insecurities, Katie remained close to her sisters. Donna coerced her friend, Rocco, to date Katie. Eventually, Katie developed feelings for Rocco who in turn kissed and loved Donna.

Even after this, Katie continued dating Rocco. She ended it when she discovered he wanted to propose to Donna. She then developed a crush on someone named Kurt. Against Storm and Brooke's wishes, Donna and Katie tracked down their father, who had left the family years before. He reunited with Beth, their mother, and the family moved to Paris. Katie was the babysitter of Brooke's children.

Katie did not return to Los Angeles until 2007. When she did, the character's portrayer was changed from Nancy Sloan to Heather Tom.

Los Angeles

Ruining her sister's wedding

Upon her return to Los Angeles in 2007, Katie