Caroline Spencer Forrester II
The Bold and the Beautiful
Portrayed by Linsey Godfrey
Current status Alive
First appearance March 28, 2012
Last appearance Still on the show
Created by Bradley Bell
Namesake(s) Caroline Spencer Forrester
Gender Female
Occupation Designer at Forrester Creations

Head of the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation

"She's beautiful."
—Maya talking about Caroline
Caroline Spencer Forrester II is a designer at Forrester Creations. She owns the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation, and is the ex girlfriend of both Thomas Forrester and Rick Forrester. She is the niece of Caroline Spencer Forrester, Ridge's deceased ex wife, and business tycoon Bill Spencer, making her a cousin to Liam Spencer. Caroline is a friend of Hope Logan and has developed a fierce rivalry with Maya Avant over Rick's affections. Caroline and her then-boyfriend Thomas helped free Marcus Forrester from jail.

The character of Caroline first appeared as the previously unknown daughter of Karen and Danielle. From the moment she arrived on the series, Rick was enamoured with her, although Thomas romanced her first. The two competed for her affections, and Caroline eventually left Thomas for Rick. The relationship started well but suffered when Rick met Maya. He neglected Caroline to volunteer at Dayzee Leigh's café, during which he witnessed Maya singing. Despite seducing Rick, the relationship got no better. She completed a series of events to try and tear Rick and Maya's romance apart.

Apart from storylines concerning Rick, Caroline's introduction also came with the series' first lesbian storyline. Caroline grew up with two mothers, her aunt Caroline's sister Karen, and Karen's wife Dani. Despite initially being close to her uncle Bill, Caroline grew apart from him after he accidentally caused her to fall from a balcony. The fall put her in the hospital, and after Caroline pushed Rick to be honest to Hope about his lie concerning Liam and Steffy, she and Bill drifted apart. This was for good.


Arrival at Forrester Creations