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Brooke Logan
Portrayed byKatherine Kelly Lang
First appearanceMarch 23, 1987
Last appearanceStill on the show
Biographical information
Also known asLogan (Ridge Forrester)
ProfessionFashion designer (FC)
AffiliationForrester Creations
RelationshipsEric Forrester

Ridge Forrester

"I know, I know. You're just so confused. And you're also cruel, narcissistic, insensitive and very, very selfish."
—Bridget to Brooke
Brooke Logan is a fashion designer at Forrester Creations, the former wife of Ridge Forrester and the mother of Hope, Rick and EJ. She was the founder of the fashion line Brooke's Bedroom, the most profitable line of the entire company. Brooke is known to exploit her sexuality and has seduced husbands of family members, namely her daughter Bridget's husband Deacon, an affair that produced Hope, and her sister's husband, Bill, with whose child she is currently pregnant.

After meeting Ridge in 1987, Brooke fell madly in love with the playboy. Despite Ridge's love for Caroline Spencer, who later died, Brooke pursued him until he gave in. The two were married seven times throughout their romance, although only one of these marriages was legal. Ridge constantly chose Brooke over Taylor, despite the three children he and Taylor had together.

Brooke and Ridge had one biological child together named EJ. After twenty five years of on-and-off marriage, Brooke and Ridge finally split for good, following Ridge's discovery of Brooke's lies about texting Deacon. Ridge has since left Brooke and is living in Paris, while Brooke has relaunched Brooke's Bedroom.

Despite her intense love for Ridge remaining, Brooke has seemingly started a romance with Katie's husband Bill. The two have kissed and later had sex, resulting in Brooke expecting their child. Bill has even stated that he "married the wrong sister", unknown to his wife Katie, who is also Brooke's sister. Katie was growing increasingly concerned about her sister and husband's relationship, and was put in hospital for suffering a heartattack after discovering her husband's second affair, the first being with Steffy Forrester. Brooke is now suffering the repercussions of sleeping with her sister's husband, similar to the way she conceived Hope with Deacon.


Brooke was born to Stephen and Beth Logan in 1959. Their family was working class and Brooke often looked after her two sisters, Donna and Katie, as though they were her own children. Her family was a catering family and often worked for the Forresters.

Meeting Ridge Forrester

Ridge met Brooke when she begged her mother to let her help cater a party for the Forresters. Brooke had the intent of meeting Ridge. She instantly fell in love with him, despite his engagement to Caroline Spencer. After Ridge spent a night with Alex, Caroline collapsed at the wedding, breaking it off with Ridge.

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